Why Sectional?

Sectional garage doors are designed for compact operation, as they glide open vertically into the roof space where they are neatly stored. Unlike other overhead doors – which operate using hinges to tilt out and push up the door to open – the vertical movement of sectional garage doors means they will never extend beyond the doorway.

For superior convenience, it’s worth noting that a sectional garage door design can be automated during installation; alternatively, it can be easily upgraded to an automated version after it’s fitted. You have the option of using an electric remote control opener, so you won’t have to leave your car to open or close the door manually.

The variety of features available for a sectional garage door, such as lightweight materials, additional security measures and compact operation, and the option of automation makes this door exceptionally easy to use. The straightforward operation of this door makes it the ideal solution for the elderly or those less able to open a heavy garage door.

The closed structure and lack of penetration points on a sectional garage door makes it one of the most secure designs available on the UK market today. Its robust design makes it extremely difficult to break in to, providing exceptional levels of security for both your garage and home.