Up & Over

Why up & over?

Traditionally the most popular type of standard up and over garage door operating gear for all doors up to 8 feet (2438mm) wide - called canopy as about a third of the door (panel height) protrudes out from the framework when open forming a ‘canopy’.

A torsion spring is used above the garage door panel to lift the door via steel cables at the sides and conical drums attached to each end of the spring. Doors over 8 feet (2438mm) wide are usually too heavy for this mechanism to safely be used and are operated using the retractable gear

They are quick and easy to install and also provide the full drive through width when open unlike the retractable mechanism. This garage door type can be made remote control but requires extra equipment (i.e. canopy bow arm converter) and is therefore more expensive to convert to a remote control door

A far more popular garage door type in the UK now because they can be easily converted to remote control electric operation and are very reliable too. No cables are used in the lifting operation, instead side mounted lifting arms with tension springs attached lower down assist the opening of the garage door panel whilst the door panel opens into the garage on horizontal steel runners using rollers at each corner of the door panel to support it.